Cortese Story

In the past, coffee was secretly consumed as a medicine in the back rooms of some pharmacies, away from the prying eyes of the public. This is how the first coffee shops emerged and coffee became a drinking tradition. Cortese caffè was also part of this culture and the first Cortese cup was drunk secretly in these hidden rooms.

The name Cortese, Italian for courteous, was the nickname given to a young medical student, the creator of the Cortese blend. It is said that he chose, instead of following the norms of his aristocratic origin, to mix in with the «commons» as his heart dictated.
It was his deep knowledge in Chemistry that gave him the ability to innovate; as a result he created a unique blend comprised of varieties that are roasted separately before being mixed.


The young Cortese managed not only to create an aromatic blend with hints of chocolate and nuts, but also a blend that leaves the drinker no doubt as to the quality of the seeds or the detailed attention given to the brewing process.