Cortese Primus

Taste Profile:

Mild acidity with round body, hints of cinnamon, chocolate and nuts.

Country: Brazil Alta Mogiana - El Salvador - Colombia- India

Region: Various

Variety: Various

The blend of Cortese Caffé Regular Blend comes from prestigious varieties of coffee (Brazil Alta Mogiana, Salvador SHG, Colombia Supremo, India Cherry, India Kaapi Royale), which are roasted separately beforehand and then mixed giving aromas and hints of chocolate and nuts . The Cortese Caffé has rich, aromatic and balanced mouthfeel.

Extra info

Brazil Alta Mogiana: Arabica coffee origin cultivated in the Alta Mogiana region, now the area where the best São Paulo coffee is grown, thanks to the altitude between 800 and 1200 m, an average yearly temperature of 19.5°C, rainfall around 1,700 mm/year, mainly in the summer, alternating with dry periods in the winter. This area has great experience in producing noble quality coffee that has gained fame around the world. The Arabica coffee produced here has exceptional body and balanced acidity, with a distinct sweetness and caramel bouquet for a very balanced drink.


Salvador SHG: Salvador strictly high grown: an intense, perfumed coffee with a medium body and sweet flavor, an Arabica variety cultivated at between 1000 and 1500 m. Salvador currently produces just washed Arabica varieties, and its volcanic environment is perfect for coffee cultivation.
This coffee is produced exclusively from trees of the heirloom Bourbon variety of Arabica and processed using the washed method, which means that the outer skin and fruit flesh is stripped from the coffee seed with a machine called a de-pulper. After skin is removed, the coffee is moved to a clean tank where the rest of the flesh is taken off by fermentation.


Colombia Supremo: has always been one of the noblest origins from South America, the highest expression of washed Arabica. The round and perfect beans, cultivated on the slopes of the Andes, are rediscovered in the drink and give the blend the freshness typical of its exotic fruits.


India Cherry Robusta: one of the best origins of Robusta currently on sale. The ideal coffee to give intensity to a blend, thanks to its important body that gives the drink a chocolaty flavour with light spicy notes.


India Kaapi Royale: It’s a washed robusta coffee from the Karnataka region (formerly Mysore), from which comes about 80% of the Indian production. It belongs to Indian specialty coffees, as it departs from the standard classifications and is prepared with coffee Robusta Parchment AB. It must has always two beans per drupe, does not have broken beans, defective beans or foreign bodies inside. It must also be free of defective grains such as pale beans, worm-eaten, black beans or damaged by fungus. In the cup it looks slightly woody, medium-bodied and sweet; the aroma is rich and the aftertaste has hints of liquorice.