MYTHOS PLUS – The fast and high performance on demand grinder

Mythos Plus is the on-demand grinder with a dynamometric tamper and with the quality and ease of use demanded by coffee shop chains, hotels and restaurants. Its grinder instantly provides a fresh ground coffee of the highest quality, while the dynamometric tamper ensures a constant pressure.

Grinding solutions for consistent and repeatable results

Its technical features make it an extremely reliable and accurate grinder, easy to use and able to get a consistent and repeated result.

Simplify and standardize espresso preparation.
The dynamometric tamper leads to more accurate and easier work for the barista, ensuring constant pressure for constant results.
The system provides for absolute precision grinding
Mythos Plus’ micrometric grinding goes beyond the traditional setting for “intermediate spaces;” with a sliding control making the required degree of grinding extremely precise.
The finest materials for perfect grinding
For the Mythos Plus we chose burrs of titanium and special long lasting steels. The grinders are designed and manufactured with innovative technologies to ensure grinding that is efficient and constant at every moment of the day. In particular they are designed to prevent overheating of the coffee so preserving the full organoleptic qualities of the coffee.

Technical Sheets

Dimensions LxHxP mm 188x595x497 | inches 7 6/16” x 23 7/16” x 19 9/16”
Power 230V/800W | 115V/950W
Voltage 230(50Hz) | 115V (60Hz)
Bean hopper capacity 3,2Kg
Grinding adjustment Micrometric
Productivity (Kg/h) 18
Grinding speed (sec/dose) 1.35
Burrs 75mm
Gross weight 22kg/48.5lb
Net weight 20kg/44.09lb