Appia II 1gr Volumetric Unit

Suitable for: Locations with low to medium sales volumes, Small coffee shops, Locations with limited space, Locations with an extensive coffee menu



At only 40cm, Appia II 1 group incorporates Nuova Simonelli’s innovation and technology to guarantee an excellent performance.


Appia II 1 group provides a high quality espresso for low volume locations.

Perfect Brewing

The SIS (Soft Infusion System) guarantees a soft and creamy espresso shot.

Raised group

The Appia II 1 group comes with a raised groups that allows you to brew your espresso for a latte or cappuccino directly into a large cup.


The optional autosteam wand allows anyone to make thick and velvety milk-based drinks, always at the same temperature with the proper amount of foam.


  • Steel body and abs
  • 5 litre boiler capacity
  • Safety valve
  • Reverse mirror

  • Backwash prevention valve
  • Pressure gauge
  • Electronic automatic level
  • Volumetric pump

  • Boiler pressure gauge 
  • Pump pressure gauge
  • Water level indicator
  • Temperature compensated group

  • SIS Infusion
  • Increased height
  • Autosteam
  • Electronic hot water dosage

Technical Sheets

Appia II 1group
Version Volumetric (1group)
Dimensions LxHxP mm 400x545x530
Power 1700-2000W
Voltage 220-380 V
Steam boiler capacity 5lt
Gross weight 42kg
Net weight 48kg