ADONIS – The taste of beauty the zest of innovation

Adonis is an espresso machine for those who love coffee tradition and modern design.  Adonis is the best espresso machine for coffee shops and chains that look to the design, without sacrificing the most advanced espresso technologies.

High technology in timeless design

All controls are designed to blend aesthetics and functionality, with particular attention paid to ergonomics, to ensure the barista is working in a totally safe environment.  Adonis is the best espresso machine for coffee shops and chains that look to the design, without sacrificing the most advanced espresso technologies.

The solution for barista wellness.
The barista has to work safely with a coffee machine designed to ensure maximum comfort. An example of this increased attention to the barista is “Push & Pull”, the drive system for the steam nozzle that avoids unnecessary stress on the barista’s arms. So the barista will never be too tired to prepare another cappuccino!
The new technology for frothing milk.
The Adonis espresso machine is also available with the Easycream system, a technology that allows the milk to be heated and frothed to suit your preferences, thanks to the innovative wand with “tangential holes” and a steam-air mixing system. This system is very much appreciated by coffee shop chains as it produces creamy milk that is fragrant and consistent.
The system that improves expresso extraction.
We developed a new coffee extraction system, the High Efficiency Extraction System (HEES). HEES enhances the aroma of each coffee blend in the cup because it transfers all the splendid and creamy substances right through the new extraction system. The repeatability of results and persistence of the crema are the main advantages of this technology that corrects tamping errors arising from an inexperienced hand, ensuring a perfect espresso.
Maximum control for maximum results in the cup.
The Adonis espresso coffee machine has an extremely precise electronic temperature control (PID) system, giving maximum thermal stability. You can change the temperature in the boiler using a keypad, and check it on the display, with a choice of reading in Bars, Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Adonis, the beginnings

Continuing the century-old tradition of producing espresso machines, Victoria Arduino has combined elegant design with excellent extraction capacity. Then the choice of name: ADONIS, recalls the famous mythological character, the symbol of youthful beauty. Adonis’ distinctive element is more precisely the sense of engaging beauty and timelessness. Beautiful design is combined with the most advanced technology to create an object with extraction features that bring incomparable tactile, olfactory and taste sensations.

Technical Sheets

Version style | core
Dimensions LxHxP mm 860x630x570 |  inches 33 13/16”x 24 ¾” x 22 7/6”
Power  4500W
Voltage 230 – 380V
Steam boiler capacity 14lt
Gross weight  97kg/214lb
Net weight  83kg/183lb
Version style | core
Dimensions LxHxP mm 1090x630x570 | inches 42 7/8”x 24 ¾” x 22 7/6”
Power 5200W
Voltage 230 – 380V
Steam boiler capacity 17lt
Gross weight 1187kg/260lb
Net weight 103kg/227lb