We are attending the Coffee Business Awards 2019.



We would like to announce with great pleasure that W.S. KAROULIAS S.A. participates with the brand of Cortese Caffé at

Coffee Business Awards 2019.


The awards are being held for the first time in Greece by ETHOS AWARDS, which organizes and establishes prizes with Hellenic

and international readability, for the fields of activity of ETHOS MEDIA S.A., rewarding and supporting in practice the

Greek businesses.

We have applied for the following categories:

1.4   Top Coffee Importer (https://www.ethosawards.eu/coffeeawards/register/candidate.php?id=107)

5.1   Top Athens Coffee Importer (https://www.ethosawards.eu/coffeeawards/register/candidate.php?id=105)

5.10 Top Coffee Importer Brand (https://www.ethosawards.eu/coffeeawards/register/candidate.php?id=106)

5.12 Top Coffee Importer in After Sales (https://www.ethosawards.eu/coffeeawards/register/candidate.php?id=108)

6.2   Top Innovative Coffee Equipment Supplier (https://www.ethosawards.eu/coffeeawards/register/candidate.php?id=109)  


The award ceremony will be held on Friday, June 28, 2019 at the Athenaeum InterContinental.