Cortese Primus

Brazil Alta Mogiana – El Salvador – Colombia- India
Various areas – Premium Quality

Selected Blend

Washed (Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras)
Natural process (Brazil)

Origin Brazil
Selected Blend

Minas Gerais- Alta Mogiana

Aurelia Wave Τ3
The identity of the new Aurelia

Nuova Simonelli

Mythos One
The Specialty Grinder
Mythos II NS

Nuova Simonelli

Mythos II
Behind a great Barista,
there is always a great Mythos

Nuova Simonelli

Mdj On Demand
The latest addition to our
professional grinder line

Cortese Caffe

Cortese café draws its origin from the time the coffee was drug and was drunk secretly and in a hurry , in pharmacies in Italy , the forerunners of today’s coffee.
According to an urban legend , Cortese , meaning nobleman , was the nickname of the man who inspired the blend of Cortese .A young medical student , aristocratic origin, but prefered to follow his heart and live as a commoner , as he prefered liveliness of the street from the salons of high society


The History of Coffee

Coffee goes back thousands of years.The first Coffee trees appeared in Africa, specifically in Kaffa Abyssinia, a region in present day, Ethiopia. Local tribes would knead coffee leaves and flowers with animal fat to give to their warriors before a battle as an energy boost; it was since then that coffee was cherished for its ability to stimulate. Coffee became known as a substance with almost supernatural qualities, that had medicinal effects on those who consumed it..